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Our technical one is able department to cover of it the whole life cycle of the product or parts, according to your needs. On this side you find the working main focuses of Il Goniometro.

We operate in various industrial sectors such as automotive, office furniture, household goods, electrical appliances and fittings.

We are available to you as a technical partner and value your special needs, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Product development

We develop your product of an empty sheet of paper or on the basis of sketches, draughts and ideas; we can also work in the co-design with your office style or with R & DL.

Whether it concerns complicated assemblies or individual parts, we can cover the whole design phase of the development and supply you with all necessary 3D and 2D, up to the production, as well as presentations and catalogues and accompany.

Our enterprise uses High-End-CAD Siemens NX (GM, seed, Ducati etc.) which allow us to work with aesthetic surfaces of high complexity.

During the prototype phase, we can provide you with samples obtained with the most modern techniques of rapid prototyping and offer the service of reverse engineering to model in 3D

Our office is of use NX Nastran as a solution for a high standard of the structural detail analysis.

For the analysis of thermo-sculptural parts by injection we use the programme Autodesk Simulation Mudflows, , the de facto-standard for the analysis in the process of the reshaping.

We can accompany you with the product Validation on the base of your specific demands

Form construction

Project molds for die-casting and injection thermoplastic according to your specifications; we are able to provide complete mold keys in hand or all of the elaborate 3D and 2D needed for its construction.

We make use of the package Mold Wizard, to ensure full associatively with the model of the piece, so as to respond quickly to any variations and modifications during the design phase.

To fulfil the needs of our customers if we have in the house developed libraries and we work equally with the normalised main suppliers of trade, like Meusburger, Pedrotti, DME, Hasco, Balzi, or the necessarily customer specifications with every available Mock-up.

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